Investigate the role of union officials in blacklisting

Thanks to the efforts of the Blacklist Support Group, construction industry blacklisting has been exposed and some compensation settlements obtained. Ian Allinson, the left rank and file candidate in the General Secretary election, supports calls for the next stage of investigations to include the shameful role played by some union officials who colluded with employers to victimise activists and drive effective union organisation out of the construction industry.

Photo: BESNA 2011 protest, Becca Francis

Blacklisting union activists, often for raising health and safety concerns or other legitimate union activity, is a serious breach of human rights and the law. However, the law provides inadequate protection or sanctions and many activists believe that the blacklist uncovered is merely the tip of the iceberg. It is right that Unite campaigns for stronger protection. Is this the political campaigning Gerard Coyne wants us to do less of?

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