First Ian Allinson for Unite General Secretary leaflet

The first leaflet for the campaign to elect Ian Allinson as Unite General Secretary is now available for download.

Image of front page of ian4unite leafletWe will be getting the leaflets printed in bulk in the coming days. If you would like to order some to distribute in your own workplace, at nearby workplaces, at events etc., please fill in the form with your details, including the address to send them to and how many you need, or alternatively email

Printing and mailing out leaflets all costs money. Unlike the two establishment candidates, Ian Allinson isn’t paid from members’ subs, doesn’t have a big salary. Neither does he have rich and powerful backers. If you support the campaign, please donate. Members can donate either via, or by cheque payable to Ian Allinson, 11 Germain Close, Higher Blackley, Manchester, M9 0SQ. Branches can only donate after nominating. Donations will be receipted. Any member can inspect the campaign finances.