Ten ways you can support Ian Allinson for Unite General Secretary

Ian Allinson, standing as a workplace activist, doesn’t have the resources of the establishment candidates who are well-paid from members’ subs and have powerful backers. If you want things to change, please get involved.Elect Ian for UNITE Gen Sec

Get in touch via the leave your details form, email ian4unite@gmail.com or phone 07985 438 553 to offer whatever help you can. For example:

  1. Email details if you are willing to publicly endorse Ian Allinson for Unite General Secretary.
  2. Request leaflets and other campaign materials – the campaign can suggest local workplaces you could contact.
  3. Like, follow, share and retweet on social media (Facebook, Twitter)
  4. Campaigning costs money. Can you donate or collect money? There’s a collection sheet here. Members can donate either via www.donorbox.org/ian4unite, or by cheque payable to Ian Allinson, 11 Germain Close, Higher Blackley, Manchester, M9 0SQ. Branches can only donate after nominating. Donations will be receipted. Any member can inspect the campaign finances.
  5. Suggest people the campaign should contact and provide their contact details. And why not contact other Unite members or activists yourself?
  6. Contact local media to promote the campaign.
  7. Send in your ideas for how Unite could improve.
  8. Let us know when your nomination meeting will be. Invite Ian or someone from the campaign to speak at your branch or workplace meeting, or to visit your workplace.
  9. If you want to nominate from your workplace, request nomination forms from your Regional Secretary from 2 January.
  10. Secure a nomination from your branch and/or workplace (see how to nominate me)

If you are campaigning for Ian, please stick to the rules and keep it constructive. The aim of the campaign is to improve Unite and encourage participation – personal abuse discourages participation.