Get involved with Unite Rank and File

I want to encourage you to sign up to “Unite Rank and File: Building Solidarity Across the Union” which has just launched. It is a new network of Unite members which aims to:

  • Build solidarity
  • Encourage resistance and make our union do more to encourage it
  • Put activists in touch with each other, share information and ideas
  • Champion independent workers’ organisation and challenge the toxic “in partnership with management” culture so widespread in Unite
  • Supporting the development of rank and file networks and campaigning initiatives throughout our union
  • Campaign to reform and reinvigorate Unite’s democratic structures to promote a bottom-up culture where members participate, challenge discrimination and are in control
  • Campaign to change Unite policies e.g. against Trident and for workers’ rights to move freely and be treated equally

While the impetus for the new grouping came out of discussions following my General Secretary election campaign, we are not seeking to create yet another electoral faction within Unite. We welcome your participation irrespective of your views on the recent elections or whether or not you are affiliated with any of the electoral groupings such as United Left.

There’s more information on the web site: as well as a presence on Facebook and Twitter.

Most importantly, if you want to get involved with Unite Rank and File or just stay in touch, please leave your details via this form.

If you’re going to be at one of the sector conferences and can help leaflet for Unite Rank and File then please contact them directly.


Ian Allinson

PS we’re still fighting to defend the union and against victimisations at Fujitsu. My own “redundancy” hearing will reconvene on Wednesday 8 November. You can help by:

  1. Signing and sharing the petition against victimisation of reps at Fujitsu
  2. Signing up to our social media Thunderclap with your Facebook or Twitter account (or both)
  3. Joining the demonstration outside Fujitsu’s London HQ 8:30-10am on 8 November (details)

As always, the latest information on our dispute can be found at