Unite general secretary candidates should join me to champion workers’ rights to free movement

There has been a very positive response to Unite General Secretary candidate Ian Allinson’s article in the Guardian yesterday defending workers’ freedom of movement, and explaining why Len McCluskey’s approach gives too many concessions to the racists and nationalists.

What is even more worrying is the silence from Gerard Coyne on the question. He is being backed by many of Corbyn’s opponents in the Labour Party, the people who brought us the infamous “racist mug”. As if people motivated by fear of immigration would vote Labour as a result.

Mug reads "controls on immigration: I'm voting Labour"Ian ended the article:

“No general secretary candidate should chase votes by undermining the unity members need to defend their jobs. I am calling on Len McCluskey and Gerard Coyne to join me in championing workers’ rights to move freely (not just within the EU) and opposing any employment restrictions based on nationality.”

So far at least, neither of the two establishment candidates for General Secretary seem willing to take a clear stance for equality on this question. They really should.