Ian Allinson accepts nomination and issues new leaflet

After a vibrant campaign meeting on Saturday I have now submitted my acceptance of nomination for Unite General Secretary.

I discussing with members

Now nominations are behind us, we’ve produced a new campaign leaflet, which you’ll find on the Resources page of this web site. It’s being printed up this week and bundles will be available on Saturday’s NHS demo, where I hope to see many supporters. If you can’t make it please email ian4unite@gmail.com and we can get a bundle to you.

We also need a big push on fundraising. We will be spending thousands of pounds on printing and postage. Having used annual leave for the nomination period I’ve requested some unpaid leave from work. There will be travel costs, meeting rooms and much more. The other candidates are well-paid from our subs and have rich backers. In contrast, I’m on strike again tomorrow at Fujitsu as one of thousands whose jobs are on the line and who are fighting to extend union recognition.

If you want to shake up Unite and make it a stronger union, get involved!

Thank you card from Bristol Health reps/members showing names

The only union funds which I can accept are from branches which have nominated me. Otherwise it’s down to individual donations and collections. Members at Bristol Health branch took a collection which they sent me along with this lovely card. If you want to do something similar there’s a collection sheet on the resources page too. You can donate online or send a cheque payable to Ian Allinson to me at 11 Germain Close, Higher Blackley, Manchester, M9 0SQ. All donations are receipted and any member can inspect the campaign finances.